Staycations in Windsor UK

Are we there yet... ?

Has there ever been a better time to Staycation in the UK? Let’s face it, we could all do with a break after being locked down for such a long time. A change of scenery and opportunity to visit new places or even revisit old favourites is just what the nation needs to lift their spirits. Taking a break without needing to schlepp through the airport is the perfect opportunity to discover the UK, support our economy and of course stay safe by remaining closer to home. There is much talk of a staycation boom in the UK due to COVID-19 so availability may well be limited if you don’t get something booked up soon.

Saving money has to be a big priority for most of us this year and staying in the UK means we can travel easily either with our own car or on public transport, offering a huge saving on flights and the time and effort of international travel. There’s also a massive advantage to the environment with a reduction in the amount of flights overhead means we can reduce our carbon footprint and we can all breathe easier. Embarking on road trip with family and friends is a great way to experience quality time together whilst enjoying new adventures. There is definitely an element of nostalgia enjoying the kind of holidays that most of us experienced as kids with our own progeny, and if you’ve ever experienced bickering kids asking “are we there yet…” you’ll know that the shorter the travel distance the better. There are no language barriers if you stay in the UK, you can fully relax knowing what you’re ordering and there are some fabulous gastro pubs and foodie restaurants to splurge in with all the money you’ve saved on the flights. Travelling locally is also stress free, no worries about check in times, lost passports or luggage as you will have everything you need and you can set off from home when you are good and ready… and stop off for lunch on the way.

There is so much to see and enjoy in the UK. The biggest downfall of course is the unpredictable weather but with the right mindset and a prevailing wind this can be overcome. After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather… only inappropriate clothing! This country is an amazing place to explore, from big cities and fabulous landmarks to coastal areas, rural retreats and small, bustling market towns. If you plan your trip in advance you can have a multi stay vacation or a few days away from home in a location just a short drive from home. You’ll be surprised how much is on your doorstep waiting to be discovered.

Just 20 miles west of London and nestling on the River Thames, sits the beautiful town of Windsor in Berkshire. Small but perfectly formed, the town is dominated by Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth’s favourite residence, and the longest occupied palace in Europe. Built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, it has been added to extensively, including the fabulous 15th Century St George’s Chapel. It is a popular destination for tourists year round as the town is so pretty, with lots of great shops, bars, restaurants our own theatre and easily accessible by road or train. You might visit the hugely popular Legoland situated just a couple of miles from the town centre or enjoy feeding the swans as you stroll along the river. Surrounded by Windsor Great Park, if you like to walk there is The Long Walk, Savill Gardens and Virginia Water all within easy access and offering stunning scenery for adults and kids to explore.

The self catering industry is gearing up for a busy time with many predicting that guests will prefer their own private space rather than shared facilities in a hotel. Here at Accommodation Windsor we have invested in a bio-fogging machine which kills 99.999% of bacteria for 30 days. We are treating all our serviced apartments and our Bed & Breakfast (and offices) to ensure maximum guest and staff safety. We have a responsibility to do all that we can to stop the impact of coronavirus on others whilst getting the economy moving by getting back to work. This is a great solution to give confidence to all our visitors and we will be offering this service to our local restaurants and fellow accommodation providers to help get Windsor open and ready for business. We have around 45 properties mostly walking distance to the town centre, some with parking, some houses, some pet friendly but all spotlessly clean with stylish facilities – we hope that we will have something suitable for your stay. We also have a 5-bed guest house in the town centre offering superb privately appointed rooms with self service breakfast so you do not need to come into contact with others if you prefer not to. We have also arranged keysafes with remote check in facilities, sanitiser stations and staff who fully understand how to make you feel welcome… but from a distance.

It seems like the perfect time to make plans for a short trip, give us a call, drop us a line or check out our website to view availability and see the properties available for short term let. We look forward to welcoming you to Windsor soon or

DISCLAIMER – always check online to ensure tourist attractions are open during your visit.