How do hotels compare to apartments?

Typical Hotel Room

Typical One Bed Apartment

Approx 20 m2 Approx 40 m2 (at least twice the living space of a typical hotel bedroom)
Average Cost per night
Average Cost per night
Hotels offer a stylish bedroom Our apartments offer stylish bedrooms, living areas, kitchens and bathrooms, all for much less than the cost of a town centre hotel
Hotels are flexible We offer true flexibility. Book an apartment or house with us from as little as justa few nights, to several months or more. You can extend for as little as a single extra night as many times as you need to.
Hotels offer good service Accommodation Windsor Ltd has a dedicated, full-time team of housekeepers, maintenance and office staff to support you during your stay. From picking up your ironing, to giving advice on local schools… our helpful and flexible team are here to help.
Hotels are usually centrally located All of our apartments are centrally located and within walking distance of Windsor and Eton and their fantastic leisure, dining and shopping options.
Hotels often offer additional services For an additional cost we can arrange a welcome pack on arrival, upgrade your SKY package, pick up/drop off your laundry, clean your apartment, or even get the kids the latest console to play on.
Hotels offer room service In our apartments you will find your own fully-equipped kitchen with space to entertain. If you don’t fancy cooking you can always get a take-away and eat it in the comfort of your own dining area, or eat out in one of the many restaurants and bars within walking distance of the property.

*Prices based on average current prices quoted (April 2018) for Standard Double room in four local hotels

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