Damages Deposit Policy

Thank you for choosing to stay with us.  Please see our Damage Deposit Policy below.  If you have any questions about deposits, please do Contact Us.

By booking accommodation with us you are agreeing to the terms of this damage deposit policy.

A damage deposit – usually of £250 (or £500 for larger properties) will be charged to you and held securely on booking a property to cover any excessive cleaning charges, damages or missing items at property for the duration of your stay or for loss of income where we have to close a property to carry our repairs, maintenance, excessive cleaning as a result of your stay.  Alternatively it may be used to cover the costs of any unpaid rent or accommodation fees.  This may be for example where you have booked a stay and then cancelled but not given enough notice (usually 28 days) in which case the accommodation fees are still due even if you have vacated or will not be arriving a the property you have booked.  Please refer to our terms and conditions for further clarification of your responsibility during your stay. Please note that additional charges may be made if excessive cleaning / damages / missing items total more than the deposit.  We will provide photographs, estimates and invoices for work carried out as required.  We rarely need to make charges and we do not seek to profit from retaining damages deposits.  We do however, have an expected standard of cleanliness and care that is required for all guests during their stay and any costs associated with repairing, replacing or excessive cleaning is the responsibility of the guest for the duration of their stay in the property.  This may include costs to rectify damages due to smoking in a non-smoking property which will involve cleaning of curtains, carpets, upholstery and loss of income where we have to close the property to air it and carry out these additional cleaning requirements.  Please DO NOT SMOKE inside any of our properties to avoid charges!


The property will be cleaned on check out and any damages / missing items / excessive cleaning charges will be made to the guest who will be notified if this is the case.  All breakages should be reported to the office asap in order that replacement items can be sourced prior to check out.  If the property is unable to be let due to missing items which were unreported we reserve the right to make additional charges for the period that we are unable to let.  We also reserve the right to make additional charges if we have to relocate the next guest due to the property being unlettable as a result of damages, excessive cleaning requirements, smoking or missing items.


We endeavour to return all deposits (where no charges are to be made) within 5 working days of date of check out and the method of return depends on how payment was made.  If you paid by BACs (online banking) from a UK bank account then the deposit refund will be made by BACs to your UK bank account.  If you pay by debit or credit card, the deposit will be refunded to the card you paid with originally.  It is not possible to make a refund to a card that the original payment was not made from.


Bank charges for overseas bank transfers are the responsibility of the guest and not Accommodation Windsor Limited.  These are charges made by the bank and we are not in control of them.  It depends on the type of account that you hold and the country that your bank account is in.  Some charges are £5 and others are £35.  We pass on the bank charges only and do not charge any additional charges.  If you would like to avoid these charges please pay your deposit by credit or debit card which can then be refunded at the end of your stay.  Unfortunately, we are unable to make refunds to credit or debit cards if the original charge was not made on it.

If we need to make charges to your damage deposit then we will notify you of these charges and refund or invoice any difference to you.  We will provide evidence to you of the damages being charged for – this could be photographs or a report from our housekeeper or another staff member of the condition that the property was left in – this could include the smell of smoke where smoking has occurred.

Once again, we hope you enjoy your stay with us.  Rest assured that you can Book with Confidence – we have been providing accommodation in Windsor since 1998 and we rely on our excellent reputation.


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