Members of the public and those visiting Windsor in June this year are encouraged to apply for tickets to watch the Order of the Garter Procession, which takes place on 17 June.

Garter Day is the day each year when new Knights and Ladies are added to the list of 24 Knights in the Order of the Garter by the Queen in an official ceremony at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. The ceremony and procession date back hundreds of years and is full of pageantry and heraldry – a must for anyone hoping to experience the most traditional aspects of the British Royal Family.

Anyone wishing to apply for tickets to watch the display from St George’s Hill inside the precinct of Windsor Castle must send in their application by 1 March.

The whole process begins on St George’s Day (23rd April) when it is announced whether there are spaces in the Order of the Garter, which include 24 Knights, as well as senior members of the Royal Family and, of course, the Queen herself. The highlight for onlookers tends to be the procession of the Queen and the 24 knights all dressed in velvet robes and plumed hats.

The Order of the Garter was first established by King Edward III around 700 years ago. Men and women can now both join the Order and some notable current Knights include former Prime Minister Sir John Major and Mervyn King, the former Governor of the Bank of England.