pancakesCan’t believe it is Pancake Day again already, or is that just because we love pancakes so much we eat them all year round?¬† Even the kids can flip with confidence…. ūüôā

Nigel’s favourite Dairy and Gluten-free recipe below:-

  • 125g Plain Gluten-free flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 275ml Dairy free Milk (we use Koko milk)
  • Dash of salt

Sieve together the flour and salt.¬† Make a well in the flour and add the eggs, stir well.¬†¬†Gradually add half the milk, beat thoroughly for 4 mins.¬† Stir in remaining milk and beat lightly.¬†¬†You don’t need to leave batter to stand, but if you do, beat again before using.¬†¬†Heat up¬†a small frying pan until really hot and add a¬†knob of¬†goat’s butter.¬†¬†Pour mixture¬†into¬†pan and tip to cover surface.¬† Cook until underside is golden brown and top covered in bubbles.¬† Flip the pan to cook pancake on the other side.¬† Slide pancake onto a plate and serve with your favourite filling – go classic with a twist; sugar, lemon and add raspberries and strawberries and a small spoonful of ice-cream for¬†a delicious dessert.