Windsor’s proximity to Heathrow Airport is one of the reasons why it attracts such as large number of tourists and business travellers each year. Now, Heathrow has announced that it is welcoming more passengers all the time, thanks to a greater number of larger aircraft.

In October 2018, Heathrow saw a 4.5 per cent increase in passenger numbers, with some seven million people passing through the airport during the month. The number of passengers travelling to and from North America led the growth, rising by 9.1 per cent last month.

American tourists love visiting the UK, particularly our historic destinations such as the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and Oxford University.

Growth at Heathrow is expected to continue. The airport saw a further boost to its popularity following news in the Autumn Budget that passengers from a number of countries, including New Zealand, the United States and Japan, will now be able to use the eGates at the airport. This will speed up the route through the airport for those travelling from these destinations. Anyone visiting the UK on business is likely to welcome this change in stance, as it will enhance the business travel experience for anyone using Heathrow.

Heathrow also recently announced that it will be boosting its green credentials. It is to waive landing charges for the entire first year of operation for electric-hybrid aircraft when they start to touch down on Heathrow’s runways.