Have you ever wondered how the Royal Family spend Christmas? Well, a trip to Windsor Castle over the coming weeks will give you peek inside the Queen’s favourite home during the festive season.

You know it’s officially Christmas at Windsor Castle when the magnificent Christmas Tree in St George’s Hall has arrived. The beautiful 20ft Nordmann Fir tree takes centre stage in the great hall and took a staggering 13 hours to decorate! You can watch a timelapse video of the entire process on the Castle website.

But it’s not just the tree that’s worth visiting the Castle for this Christmas, there are a several other festive events happening in and around the castle over the coming weeks, including workshops and activities for small children each weekend in December.

There are chances for little ones to make their regal own arts and crafts projects, including tree decorations to take home. The workshops are to be inspired by the pantomimes the Queen herself used to stage during wartime at Windsor Castle as a child.

Talking of pantomime, you can buy tickets for a magical storytelling and pantomime performance in St George’s Hall and in the Waterloo Chambers, where the Queen staged her own pantos. The performances run until Sunday 9th December so get your tickets fast.

Finally, around Christmas time, the changing of the Guard takes on a very festive tone, with the band playing popular Christmas songs to the gathering crowds.