The Benefits Of Staying In Serviced Apartments

The quaint yet vibrant town of Windsor in Berkshire attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, making it one of the most recommended places to visit in the UK. There is a lot to see, plenty to do and no shortage of places to stay. When looking for accommodation in the area, many people have started to opt for serviced apartments in Windsor due to the many benefits that this offers over hotels.

Whilst hotels are great for a couple of days, if you are looking for a longer stay then they can start to feel a bit claustrophobic. Serviced apartments are great because they provide more space and guests can enjoy separate living and sleeping areas which makes it feel more like home.

Serviced apartments in Windsor are particularly good for those who are travelling for business, need longer term accommodation, are in the process of moving house or need somewhere to stay while they are having renovations completed. It can be hard to be away from your usual home comforts especially when on your own and this can be magnified when staying in a lonely hotel room all by yourself. Staying in an apartment can feel more homely because you have your own space, can set it up as you would at home and even have guests around if you wish.

accommodation windsor property makeoverMany people enjoy the privacy that can be expected with serviced apartments. You can come and go as you please, can’t hear everything going on in the room next door and don’t have to worry about housekeeping knocking on your door first thing in the morning.

One of the most annoying things about staying in hotels is the fact that your meal times are restricted and you have to eat between certain times. Business travellers can find this particularly difficult because meetings may overrun and they may get back after the kitchen has closed. With a serviced apartment you have your own kitchen and can therefore cook whenever and whatever you like.

Serviced apartments in Windsor can be a much more cost effective method of accommodation if you need somewhere to stay for a longer period. Over time, a weekly tariff is going to work out significantly cheaper than paying the daily fixed rate that is expected in hotels. Due to the nature of the business and the fact that nowadays most are chains, this means that they often can’t be flexible when offering discounts or loyalty rates.

The benefits of this type of accommodation are endless and anybody who is interested in staying in serviced apartments in Windsor can find out more information about locations, prices and the different types of lets available.


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