Short Term Lodgings In Windsor

If you are looking to rent lodgings in Windsor for less than six months then this is classed as a Short Term Residential Let.

The rental agreement does not form part of an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, you merely agree to rent a property by way of a licence. A booking form is required to reserve apartment accommodation in Windsor and all rents are to be paid in advance at least four weeks before the start of the rental period.

As you are looking for lodgings in Windsor, we have a number of Windsor Lodgings that we can offer – some of these we own and some we manage on behalf of the owners. Some owners have minimum lodging periods (i.e. one month, sometime one week) and each property is different so please provide as much information as possible when checking availability.

Please provide as much detail of requirements such as:

  • the booking dates and length of stay
  • whether this may be extended
  • how many people and what sleeping arrangements or bedrooms are required
  • what your weekly / monthly budget is (including bills)
  • whether you need lodgings to be town centre
  • whether you need parking
  • if you need ground floor or prefer 1st or 2nd floor etc
  • if you need a garden
  • if you need to be within 5 minutes walk of trains / transport links
  • any other special requirements
  • full contact details including email address

We will endeavour to find suitable lodging accommodations and to offer you as many options as possible.

Nigel Holder
+44 (0)1753 833747

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