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What is the difference between a long term and short term let in Windsor?

Long Lets: Apartments and houses that are offered for long term rental in Windsor tend to be for a minimum term of six months. Here’s how it goes with other agents: You find your perfect rental apartment. Usually you deal with an agent or the landlord themselves. You pay a security deposit, sign a lengthy contract, have a credit check and various reference checks made on you and your fellow tenants / family or whoever is renting with you.

Then you pay part of the cost of an inventory clerk, get your boss to confirm you are working and your salary, ask your bank for a letter confirming you can afford the rent and then you pay for the privilege of having to do all of this paperwork. You then give over a considerable amount of money (usually 5 or 6 weeks rent) to the agent or landlord to insure them against any damages to their property. It doesn’t end there either! Once you move in you write to the local council to apply to pay council tax which is paid ten months out of twelve. You set up gas, electricity, water, tv licence and telephone/ internet bills and possibly Sky TV and book a cleaner. Then you realise there’s no bedding on the bed so you buy new bed linen and towels and start cleaning the property that the last guests left in a ‘supposedly’ clean state….

Short Lets in Windsor: you contact Accommodation Windsor, you fill out a one page form, pay your rent and move in. Everything else is done for you. The bed is made, the shower is clean. The bills are included. You flick on Sky TV and log onto your laptop to spend you time…

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