How To Maximise Your Property Income Potential…

Making the most of a property’s income potential takes some serious thinking but not a lot of effort. It is mostly common sense but it is surprising how many people do not actually use common sense especially when presenting a property for let!

The amount of TV programs nowadays all about improving property and how to sell them in their best light, it always amazes me how many awful properties there are on the market for sale and to let that just ain’t gonna sell – purely because you can tell the minute you walk in that the owner either doesn’t care about their property or just doesn’t have the time – either way you would just hate to have someone like them as a landlord as you know it will take them ages to get a simple problem fixed.

Here are some simple tips for improving your property’s appeal:

  • Move in and live there for a few days – you’ll soon see the property’s pitfalls and will have a good idea what’s lacking.
  • Have a good clean and tidy up – cluttered properties are harder to sell because people cannot always imagine their own stuff in there – minimalistic is always better!
  • Remove any bad smells and make sure you give the property a good airing – make it feel inviting by spraying room sprays, burning incense oils etc.
  • Fresh flowers and house plants make a place feel homely – if the property is empty for a long period of time make sure you water them regularly as a dead house plant has the opposite effect. Try and stick to one variety of flower rather than mixes lots of different ones – this gives a sense of structure.
  • Clean mirrors and windows until they are sparkling – mirrors will help bounce light around and will make a dark area more inviting. Mirrors also give the illusion of extra space so use them wisely.
  • Make sure bathrooms are sparkling – if adding a new bathroom, chose a white suite that will go with any decor and never date. Taps and accessories are worth spending a little extra on. Make sure there are no odours in the bathroom – use pot potpourri or freshly scented candles to make it feel more inviting.
  • Lay the table, use sparkling clean glassware, clever use of contrasting colours makes things more interesting! Shiny cutlery is a must too – people buy with their eyes – remember it’s a lifestyle you are selling.
  • Use neutral colours where possible as these are more timeless and more people will accept them as opposed to your favourite bright blue or pink – these colours won’t suit everyone so be careful!
  • Use lighting to create a calm mood – table lamps and dimmed lighting create a relaxing mood, use under-counter lighting in a kitchen to show off sparkling kitchen accessories, soft lighting in a bathroom using candles will help to create the right mood – the buyer / renter needs to be able to imagine themselves relaxing in that bath or entertaining friends in that spotlessly clean property!
  • Pick a colour scheme and follow it through one main room – using throws, cushions, candles and vases in the same colour. Match curtains and a cushion or two to give continuity. Add accessories in a colour to blend it all together. Consider a feature wall of striking wallpaper to give drama – overall use your imagination and have fun!

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