Hotels In Windsor, Berkshire – An Alternative Solution

If you are searching Hotels in Windsor but want something that little bit different then take a look at We specialise in quality residential properties – a fantastic alternative to Windsor Hotels that are ideal for short or long term stays.

There are hundreds of fabulous Hotels to choose from, but what if you are staying for more than just a few nights?

Getting dressed and coming down for breakfast, or dressing for dinner each night can be fun for a while, but do it for a month or two and you can quickly begin to find it tiresome.

Staying in a rented apartment as an alternative to Windsor Hotels offers you complete freedom. You can come and go as you please, eat at a time that’s convenient to you, order a takeaway or take a stroll into beautiful Windsor to sample one of its many fine restaurants.

Hotels Windsor are wonderful for a short stay but for longer visits you can’t beat your own short term apartment in Windsor.

If the thought of cleaning up after yourself is putting you off then don’t worry. We offer a wide selection of Serviced Apartments, meaning you can have all the benefits of your own private accommodation, along with the convenience that is offered by most Windsor Hotels.

Many companies offering Serviced Apartments require a minimum 30 day stay, but offer a minimum stay of just one week.

Serviced apartments can be far more cost effective than Windsor Hotels. Two colleagues sharing a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment could save your company up to £1000 per month.

Savings like this, together with the convenience and comfort of staying in your own rented accommodation rather than in Windsor Hotels means that a serviced apartment could be the best option for you.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our short term let apartments, including pricing and availability.

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Two bedroom in Windsor

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One bedroom in West Windsor

One bedroom in Windsor

Two bedroom in Windsor

Three bedroom in Windsor

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