Health and Safety

The health and safety of our guests and staff is of the utmost importance to us. In the light of recent events we have put together a plan to enhance the cleaning and sanitising methods to ensure that we minimise the risk of the transfer of germs and viruses from one person to another.  This includes reducing the risk of air born particles from coughs and sneezes being transferred to new guests from previous guests.  At the end of each stay we do not enter rooms or apartments immediately, instead we wait a few hours to allow any air born particles to settle.  Then we open all windows and doors and allow fresh air to replace any stale air and to allow any residual air born particles to escape.  Once a period of time has passed we will enter the room to perform a deep clean of all areas including hard surfaces.  All linens and towels are removed and replaced with freshly laundered supplies.  All hard surfaces having been cleaned are then sanitised.  We focus extra time on high touch points including tv remotes, keys, door handles, cupboard handles, window latches and light switches.  With apartments we do not do same day turnarounds – instead we leave a day empty before allowing new bookings.

In between each guest staying keys are cleaned and sanitised.  We limit the number of guests that can stay on any one day and ask that guests maintain their 2 metre distance from each other.

Communal area handrails and banisters are wiped over and sanitised.  Front door bells, intercoms, and handles are all cleaned and sanitised daily.

We provide anti-bacterial wipes in each room for guests to use and we have anti-bacterial hand gel in the communal hallways for guests and staff to use.  Staff will wear protective gear when cleaning (gloves and masks if desired) and they are aware of not working in close proximity to guests.  Staff are reminded of the need to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly each day.

Alma House B&B and Accommodation Windsor Limited (Serviced and Self Catering Apartments) are run by the same people and this relates to both businesses.

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