Finding The Best Accommodation In Windsor

Knowing where to stay when you are looking for accommodation in Windsor can be a tough and challenging task. With so many different companies, review sites and advertisements trying to tell you what to do, how do you really know what is the best option for you? Below we have put together a guide to help make choosing the right place a simple and straightforward process.

When looking for accommodation in Windsor the first thing to think about is location. Do you want to be situated in the town centre or do you prefer to be somewhere a bit quieter away from all the tourists? If you want to be able to reach the castle, train station, shops, restaurants and bars within a few steps of wherever you are, then finding somewhere to stay in the heart of it all is ideal. However, there are also plenty of places to stay which are close enough to walk into town but you’re away from the hustle and bustle.

Type of accommodation
The type of accommodation that people need can vary massively depending on their circumstances. Those who visit for a day or two are normally happy to stay in a B&B or a hotel. However, anyone who intends on staying for anything from a few weeks to months tend to find short term lets and serviced apartments a much more practical option. Anyone who needs accommodation in Windsor for a longer period of time can make themselves feel much more at home with their own short term let. With the freedom to come and go as you like, cook whatever and whenever you want, separate living and sleeping areas and more privacy than you can get in a hotel, this is a much more comfortable form of accommodation.

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When looking for accommodation it is important to think about how much space you like to have. If travelling with the whole family, many people like the extra space that can be enjoyed with serviced apartments. As well as having the option of multiple bedrooms, it is also handy to have your own kitchen and a separate living area to watch TV or play games.

Accommodation in Windsor can vary on price depending on where you are staying. The closer to the town centre you are the more it is going to cost. Choosing somewhere slightly outside the centre is a great way to save money but is still a quick walk into town. Short term lets are another great way to cut costs because rather than pay a daily fee which hotels charge, this type of accommodation is charged per week so can work out to be much more cost effective.

Windsor is a very popular place with both tourists and people who set up home there. Unsurprisingly, this means that B&Bs, hotels and serviced apartments can get booked up very quickly, especially in busy times. Due to this it is always advisable to plan ahead and book wherever you want to stay well in advance so that you can ensure that you are staying somewhere that is perfect for you.

Accommodation in Windsor

Lord Raglan House apartments in Windsor are among our most popular: located just a short 6-8 minute’s walk from the centre of town (close to some local shops, a pub and some funky restaurants.  With a dedicated parking area and the fact that the location is within walking distance of the town centre, Lord Raglan apartments are a great alternative to a Hotel.  Check availability and book online or call us on 01753 833747 – we are here to help!


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