Changing of the Guard in Windsor

The changing of the guard is a fabulous event that takes place in Windsor every day throughout the summer and every other day during the colder months – check online for details and be aware that the event may be subject to change at last minute due to bad weather. The new guard marches up Windsor High Street with band from around 10.45 and it takes about 10 minutes and then the old guard will come out of the Castle and march back to the barracks. If you want to see the full guard changeover you need to have tickets to be inside the Castle walls and the event takes around 30 minutes. The surrounding roads are closed for the duration of the march from around 10.40am and it’s worth trying to avoid these roads around town centre if possible as the traffic will not be allowed through until the guard has passed. The Castle itself and the spectacle of the march is well worth the money but also exciting to watch for free from the High Street as you hear the big bass drum from some distance. Crowds line the High Street and it is a great experience. If you are planning to visit the town it’s well worth checking the dates in advance that the guards change in order to watch this brief ceremony.

Residents of the Windsor will regularly stroll up to the Castle in order to see the Changing of the Guard, especially if they have young children.  It’s exciting to see (and hear) and I would fully recommend planning your shopping or sightseeing in order to catch this wonderful event.  You can buy tickets to Windsor Castle here if you want to experience the full event and of course visit the Castle inside the wall and the state apartments etc.

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