Changing of the Guard in Windsor

What is the Changing of the Guard?

The Changing of the Guard is one of the main attractions for visitors to Windsor. It’s a historical spectacle that has been taking place in a similar way for centuries. In all weathers the guards from various locally based battalions, including the Scotch Guards and the Coldstream Guards, march through the centre of the town and into the grounds of Windsor Castle. There is usually musical accompaniment from the band.

The purpose is literally to ‘change’ the guards who patrol the castle cloisters and public areas. The guards wear traditional red and black uniforms and bearskin hats and are quite a sight to behold!

When and Where to Watch the Changing of the Guard

If you are happy simply to catch a glimpse of the soldiers marching by, then line the High Street or Castle Hill where you will get a great view.

The guards appear around 10:45am-11am. They then go into the Castle grounds and you will need to purchase a Windsor Castle ticket to enjoy the rest of the official changeover ceremony and music.

Check the official website for the latest dates and times for the Changing of the Guard as these vary depending on the time of year..


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