Those staying in Windsor accommodation who want to travel to and from Heathrow easily and quickly will welcome news that a local rail firm wants to help them do just that.  

Windsor Link Railway (WLR) hopes to become a Heathrow innovation partner and has submitted several ideas to the airport that could greatly benefit those visiting Windsor.

More than 35 firms have been shortlisted by Heathrow to become partners in helping to deliver the third runway at the airport. WLR hopes that its interesting ideas might be selected as part of the project.

The innovations include operating driverless, automated vehicles that travel in pods on part of the current Southern rail line, which could be purchased from Network Rail. Other ideas include extending park and ride facilities in Windsor or Slough to help people get to and from the airport, and dedicated check-in facilities in Windsor for those flying in and out of Heathrow but staying in Windsor.

The plans put forward by WLR are all intended to help Heathrow deal with some of the challenges arising from opening a third runway, such as traffic and air pollution concerns.

The early check-in and park and ride ideas are intended to allow tourists to check in early and then visit Windsor as part of their day, increasing tourism in Windsor, but reducing traffic to and from both Windsor and Heathrow.