Windsor CastleWindsor Castle is the oldest, largest (and most beautiful) occupied castle in the world.  Over 900 years old, the Castle is said to be Queen Elizabeth’s favourite residence… and who can blame her.   Surrounded by 13 acres of parkland, the Castle is home to St Georges Chapel, Queen Mary’s Doll House and the stunning State apartments.  Visitors can also access the Drawings Gallery which is a changing exhibition of photos and artwork.

Changing of the GuardMost days at 11.00am (depending on the time of year) visitors to Windsor Castle can see the Changing of the Guard which takes place every day during April 2014 except 18th and 20th  (see here for other times of the year).  It is the process whereby the Foot Guard exchanges duty with the old guard.  Dressed in their uniform of red tunics and bearskins, the new guard marches from Victoria barracks up to the Castle and the old guard marches back again accompanied by the guards band.  This colourful spectacle can be seen in the Quadrangle within the Castle.  You can however, view the guards marching from Victoria Barracks up Sheet Street and the High Street to the Castle anywhere along the route outside the Castle walls from between 10.45 and 11.25.

Frogmore-GardensSituated in the Castle grounds, just 10Frogmore-Gardens minutes along the Long Walk, Frogmore House and Gardens are open to the public for just a couple of days in May and August each year and are well worth a visit.  Containing the mausoleum of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the gardens are delightful and the house contains lots of historical Royal artefacts including personal letters.

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