Ruby the Office DogIf you visit Accommodation Windsor Limited here on Alma Road you will find everything you would expect in an office; desks, computers, a photocopier, paperwork… but there is also something (or someone) you probably wouldn’t expect – Ruby the Miniature Schnauzer.

Ruby is 3 years old and comes into the office everyday to play, sleep and greet our customers.  Since moving away from home I have been missing my own dog so it is lovely for me to have Ruby around each day.  She greets everyone with a wagging tail in the morning before snuggling up in her bed for a long morning snooze.  That is until someone opens a package that might be food, then she’s up in a flash to scout out potential treats!

When our customers arrive they are often surprised and delighted to be greeted by Ruby who, although shy at first, loves meeting new people and having a fuss made of her.

It is often late afternoon that Ruby really wakes up and starts investigating what’s going on in her office.  She likes to follow us to the kitchen and investigate the comings and goings at the front door.  This has earned her the respectable title Head of Security.  Having been entrusted with such an important role we thought it was only fair that Ruby featured on the Meet the Team page of our website along with the rest of us.  She is after all a very important member of the team here at Accommodation Windsor Limited!