Seasoned business travellers are always on the lookout for things that can make their business trips easier or more enjoyable. There’s really no need to rough-it or go without your home comforts when you’re away with work. Thanks to technology, there’s a solution to almost every business travel problem  – providing you know where to look.

Here are some of the gadgets that can truly enhance your business travel experience:

Portable charger

Most of us are pretty heavy users of our mobile devices. You might even find that you’re glued to your phone and laptop even more than usual when you’re on a business trip. That’s why a battery pack, which can charge your devices when you’re on the move, is such an essential item.

Prices range from around £10 to around £100, but plenty of great options are available at around the £20-£30 price point. Just think … you’ll never have to endure a moment without your phone ever again!

Noise cancelling headphones

Let’s face it – flights can be a pain. If you’re trying to get some rest before an important meeting and you’re seated next to a screaming toddler, it’s not going to go well. This is why you need noise cancelling headphones in your life. They can be pricey, but basic versions are available for around £50, but you can pay up to around £500.

Trtl travel pillow

The days of the donut-style travel pillow are behind us! All hail the Trtl travel pillow, which looks far more like a scarf and offers some serious neck support to allow you to grab some much-needed shut-eye. These next-generation travel pillow are available for around £25 online.

Portable bluetooth keyboard

These widely available, lightweight wireless keyboards allow you to work everywhere and anywhere by connecting to your phone or tablet. You won’t even need your laptop! Grab one from as little as £15.

Travel candle and/or perfume atomiser

Business travel guests staying in our Windsor apartments often enjoy the fact that serviced apartments allow them to feel more at home when on a work trip, so we know how important this is to a happy business travel experience. A super-useful travel accessory that will make you feel at home when travelling for work is a scented candle or perfume atomiser.

Business trips can be lonely and it’s easy to feel homesick when you’re spending extended periods away from home. Carrying a familiar scent with you can help you to feel settled and calm in your accommodation.

A multi-way travel adapter

If you regularly travel to different continents for work, purchasing a multi-way travel adapter will cover all the bases and prevent you having to spend a fortune on several different types of adapter.