The Met Office has announced that summer 2018 was indeed the hottest ever – alongside 1976, 2003 and 2006.

This will come as no surprise to business travellers or holiday makers who enjoyed a stay in one of our executive apartments in Windsor over the months of June and July. With scorched ground across Bachelor’s Acre and Windsor Great Park, it was clear to see that this wasn’t any ordinary summer. In fact, there were more than 50 consecutive dry days and temperatures were consistently above average.

The Met Office has now confirmed that June to August temperatures just pipped previous hottest years, 1976, 1910, 2003 and 2006. However, they were unwilling to state a clear ‘winner’, instead adding: “Having further assessed the temperature data for the UK as a whole for summer 2018 the figures are so close that we are declaring it as the joint hottest on record together with 2006, 2003 and 1976.”

Although August was a lot more changeable, temperatures remained higher than average in most parts. The Met Office states that higher than average temperatures are likely to stay with us throughout the Autumn, which means we won’t be getting our winter coats out of storage just yet.