Experts have warned that the rush to see friends and family will begin this week and worsen on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st, causing massive traffic jams on some of the UK’s busiest roads.

Anyone visiting the UK this Christmas, and planning to get around on the roads, should take into account the advice from traffic experts. Traffic insights business, Inrix, has warned that Thursday 20th could be the peak day when compared with a regular day on British roads.

Drivers hitting the M25 from Windsor or elsewhere, on a regular thursday, might find some minor delays, but on Thursday 20th, there is likely to be huge numbers undertaking the ‘great Christmas getaway’, as it’s been dubbed by the tabloid papers.

Inrix’s Joshua Kidd, explained: “With most drivers setting out mid-morning, traffic will become heavier over the course of the afternoon and stay congested into the evening.”

He added that there are other factors at play that could add to the congestion on the 20th and 21st, such as the fact that delivery firms and Royal Mail workers will still be out and about making last-minute deliveries. In addition, huge numbers of us will still be hitting the shops this week as there are few chances after the weekend.

The worst-hit roads are expected to be the M25, the M6 and the M40, all of which are better avoided if you have the option. Why not stay put in Windsor instead and enjoy everything the town has to offer at this time of year instead!