The wedding outfits worn by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at their wedding back in May are now on show at Windsor Castle.

Millions of people around the world watched as the glamorous couple married on that beautifully sunny Saturday earlier in the year. Now, those of us that didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of Meghan and Harry in person can see their wedding outfits up close and personal at the Windsor Castle exhibition.

The ‘A Royal Wedding: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ exhibition will undoubtedly draw in crowds from all corners of the globe. Visitors will be welcomed through the Green Drawing Room in the Semi-State Apartments. They will then view the famous wedding dress and Household Cavalry uniform in the Grand Reception Room.

The outfits are shown alongside those worn by bridesmaid and pageboy Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Visitors will also be able to see the sketches drawn up in the design stages of the dress. Perhaps the most impressive part of the exhibit, however, is the Duchess’s five-metre-long veil, embroidered with fauna from the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

Speaking to the Windsor Express, exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut commented: “While the dress is very simple, very structured, very tailored, she wanted the veil to have a drama.”

“When we look at the final design, what creates the dress and what makes it so successful is the attention to detail,” she added.