Tourism to the UK is being boosted by the success of British productions like The Crown and Paddington.

The international success of some British programmes are helping to attract overseas visitors to the UK, who are keen to soak up some of the country’s iconic history and landscapes. The Crown, an award-winning Netflix show about the British Royal Family, is a phenomenal success and has added to the appeal of visiting Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and other Royal residences.

Paddington and Paddington 2 have also been box office smashes and have led to an increase in visitors to London, all of whom are keen to experience first hand the idyllic London streets it portrays.

Margot James, the Minister for the Creative Industries, said:  “The UK is a creative powerhouse for producing many award-winning films, shows and video games enjoyed by millions globally.” As a result of this more tourists arrive in the UK, spending some £266.2 million a year, according to the British Film Institute.

Meanwhile, VisitBritain has reported this week that UK inbound tourism targets for 2020 have already been met in 2018 – two years early. A record 40.9 million overseas visitors have come to the UK so far this year.

Tourism Minister Michael Ellis said that Brexit does present a challenge but: “we are absolutely committed to helping the industry continue to grow, promoting the country as a must-visit destination and ensuring that local communities benefit.”