Windsor visitors over the past few weeks will have noticed the large poppies that adorn the area’s lampposts. The poppies have been created and distributed around town by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, The British Legion and Dedworth councillor Ed Wilson.

The poppies are being widely viewed, by residents and Windsor visitors, as a fitting tribute to fallen soldiers, in both World Wars and also in other military efforts. Councillor Wilson stated: “The poppies are a token of respect and remind us that we must never forget those who fought on behalf of our country.”

He added that he hopes that putting the poppies on the lampposts throughout the town will become a tradition for years to come. He also said that he would like to hear from organisations that would be keen to be involved next year and display a large poppy on their premises.

In addition to the large poppies, the council also commissioned an art installation to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, which is currently taking pride of place at the front of Windsor Guildhall.

Creative Junction is responsible for the project, which includes small poppies created by Windsor locals. They were asked to create their poppies taking inspiration from various ephemera from the War. Each poppy in the installation represents someone from the Windsor area who died in the First World War.