Dorney Lake, the popular watersports venue near Windsor, is to play host to the first festival of its kind next summer, as it welcomes Jaguar Tri-Fest.

Triathlons, along with other types of organised sporting events, are becoming increasingly popular. So much so, it seems, that these events are now being combined with food and music to form entire festivals. Jaguar Tri-Fest is set to come to Dorney Lake in July 2019 and will welcome sports enthusiasts alongside those who simply want to have a nice time in a lovely waterside setting.

Over the course of the weekend thousands of people are expected to make their way to Dorney for the festival and many will be staying overnight at the high-end glamping facilities that are going to be laid on for festival-goers.                        

The entire festival will be sponsored by luxury car brand Jaguar and other events will include a champagne garden, live acoustic music, food stalls and children’s activities. There will, of course, be plenty of sporting events happening throughout the weekend, including individual, team and children’s triathlons.

David Paton, the festival co-founder, explained: “I think there’s a wonderful opportunity to offer fitness enthusiasts and triathletes a new sort of race experience.”  

He added that the festival is also a “big opportunity” for people who aren’t usually that active to step up and challenge themselves in a fun environment.  “Jaguar Tri-Fest” is about celebrating Triathlons but also about creating a festival experience around it, with music, food and drinks, and lots of events in-between,” he concluded.