Congratulations to William and Kate on the announcement of their engagement.  Delightful news for both them and their families, but let’s not forget the overwhelming joy felt by wedding planners, designers, journalists and paparazzi across the land.

Here in Royal Berkshire the news is very exciting for us too.  Windsor has already been on London Tonight and that was just on the first day.  Could we be host to yet another Royal Wedding?  Well, it was good enough for Elton…  

Probably St Georges Chapel won’t be big enough, but don’t rule it out yet – the Castle makes a wonderful backdrop for photos. 

Watching the interview on The One Show last night, I cringed a bit for Kate’s interview technique.  She waffled a lot and said “you know” far more than one might have expected.  Although in fairness how many times can you answer essentially the same question?  (And isn’t it ever so slightly intrusive to ask if they were living together as friends or as a couple?  This man is going to be the King for goodness sake!)   Prince William was utterly charming and showed his consummate interview experience, wearily answering essentially the same question in a variety of hats, jumping in a couple of times to help Kate out.  She looked gorgeous and by all accounts she is independent and intelligent and has shown a degree of backbone. 

In the inevitable comparisons to Charles and Diana’s engagement announcement some thirty years ago, lessons have clearly been learnt.  There can be no suggestion here of a dynastic union or any unwilling parties.  After being together all these years and after their brief split, they must be sure about each other by now and from her point of view, what she’s letting herself in for.  They look like a lovely couple and I’m pleased for them… to a point.

Do you think we could leave it there; lovely couple, lovely news we’ve all been waiting for, liked the fact she’s got his mother’s engagement ring?  Can we leave it there please until we get just a wee bit closer to the big day?

Will we allow them to have some semblance of privacy and normalcy in their lives…?  Not a chance.  Will we let her have bad hair days and make outfit faux pas without ripping her to pieces in the tabloids the next day…?  Unfortunately not.  Will she ever live down that roller skating photo…?  Perhaps in time.  Will we try to forget her mother was – gasp! – an Air Hostess…?  No, that one will run and run.  

Well of course there is one huge advantage to this story dominating the headlines and that is a brief but well-earned rest from Wagner and the gang.  Given time, I’m sure the X Factor PR machine will think of something.    The Weasel might get her roots done or Cheryl could sing live.  Perhaps they’ll announce a love tryst between two of the finalists, I can hear Dermot now, “Have you been living together in the house as friends or….”

Do YOU think Windsor would make a great venue for the wedding next year?  Let us know what you think.