A swan conservation organisation, based in Datchet, is urging members of the public and visitors to the town to feed the Windsor swans over the winter.

Without human intervention, some of the swans, who are already dangerously underweight, might not last the colder season, according to the experts at Swan Support.

Windsor is famous for its flock of beautiful swans that gather in great numbers around the riverfront areas and by Windsor Bridge. A few years back, a campaign was launched to try to dissuade the public from feeding bread to ducks, geese and swans. It was claimed that bread was bad for the birds, but Swan Support now suggests that this might be leading to the starvation problem.

“Our concern is that many birds will die throughout the harsh winter months as they have not been fed during the summer and will not be fed over the coming winter,” stated Swan Support. The organisation has now launched a social media campaign to try to promote the feeding of swans in the region.

“Please feed them bread, grains, cereals, swan pellets and leafy greens. Of course they should never be fed mouldy bread.” was the advice given.

So next time you’re admiring the swans at the river in Windsor, take along some food for them and you could help keep them healthy and well fed through the winter.