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Bodiam Castle not Windsor

Although not Windsor Castle, the fabulous Bodiam Castle in East Sussex was recently visited by our directors on a weekend break away from work.  What an amazing place.  Bodiam is a 14th-century moated Castle near Robertsbridge and is a sight to behold.  You can walk around the Castle and get some great pictures – like this one snapped on an iPhone.  They also let you walk inside and although open to the elements you can climb the towers and walk through the ruins and marvel at its quadrangular design.

Bodiam was built in 1365,  built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge who was a knight of Edward III.  Expecting an invasion by the French during the 100 years war, Sir Edward built this Castle after applying for a licence to crenelate.

Interestingly, the moat, whilst looking beautiful and inviting, acted as part of the sewage system for some 30 toilets spread throughout the Castle.  Not so inviting now is it…?

If you are searching for your next Castle, or perhaps a Self Catering Cottage or Serviced Apartment in Windsor in Berkshire (with plumbed-in toilets) then we will happily help you to find the one best suited to your needs.  You need to book early though.  With the staycation boom already happening in parts of the UK, Windsor is reported as one of the top 13 places to visit in the UK.

So, expect it to be buzzing during the summer months but occupancy doesn’t drop much during autumn and winter as there are always plenty of things to do in Windsor.

If you are just staying for a night or two then Goswell House Hotel in central Windsor is an ideal destination for reasonably priced ensuite rooms with air conditioning.  This central Windsor Hotel has just 18 bedrooms and is in an ideal location for Windsor Castle (1 minute walk) and the many restaurants, bars and nightlife that make central Windsor so much fun.

central Windsor Hotel Goswell House is located on Goswell Hill (the charming cobbled street that runs from Peascod Street to Windsor Royal Station and is next to Sebastian’s Italian Restaurant.

Goswell House
Goswell Hill
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