A new study into how male and female business travellers feel about work trips has been published, showing that both sexes struggle with being away from home the most.

FCM Travel Solutions’s study entitled ‘Women in Business Travel’ questioned both men and women. They asked them about their reasons for travel and what they liked and dislikes about being away for work.

Some 72 per cent of the respondents said that missing family or partners was the main downside of work travel. Some 38 per cent said their work being disrupted was a headache and 14 per cent said they disliked travelling alone.

Interestingly, both men and women had the same list of negatives, while women emerged as being slightly more keen on business travel that men. Only 39 per cent of the male respondents said they take pleasure in their work trips, compared with 45 per cent of women.

The main issue being explored in the study was women’s safety while travelling for work. The study found that only 44 per cent of companies had measures in place to offer female-friendly lodging to female travellers if required.

Accommodation Windsor provides secure individual serviced apartments for business travellers, which can feel safer and more like home than a hotel room.

The UK general manager of FCM Travel Solutions, Jo Greenfield, stated: “We decided to conduct research among our clients’ travellers to gain better insight into the needs and preferences of female travellers versus men and whether corporate travel programmes still need a more tailored approach.”